Facilities & Infrasturcture

Yarn to fabric

01 Spinning

Twisting cotton fibers into strands

The spinning unit, turns quality cotton into high-grade yarn with state-of-the-art modern machinery. The superior quality raw cotton selected by our experts are mixed appropriately and processed with Cotton Contamination Cleaner machines to discard impurities

02 Knitting

Turning Yarn Into Cloth

With latest knitting machines and paramount precision, we get produce uniform, high quality and com fort fabrics in diverse texture and GSM. Both ‘Circular’ and ‘Flat’ knitting machines are used for the purpose. Spandex/Elastane is attached to the machines to produce different designs. We knit different types of fabrics such as Single Jersey, Pique, LoopKnit, Interlock, French Terry, Rib, Airtex, Honey Comb, Lycra Jersey, Fleece and Mini Jacquards in Various structures and patterns.


03 Dyeing

Integration of best-in-class processes

The dyeing unit is integrated with the best in class Air Flow Technology machinery giving exceptional fastness and shading. We use azo-free, environmentally friendly dyes and chemicals
and treat all the effluents rightly before discharge.
Our modern computerized laboratory supports the qualified chemists to take care of the color accuracy

04 Fabric Checking

Fabric That Spells Quality

Superior quality yarn is converted to fabric, processed at advanced dyeing units and after passing all quality checks, the fabric is passed on to production.


05 Fabric Cutting

Agile Precision

Manual expertise and GERBER automatic lay cutting machines speed up the production by cutting the fabric into desired sizes for different specifications. The cut panels are checked, numbered and passed on to the Feeding Section to arrange the fabric for stitching.

06 Printing and Emroidery

Value Additions

Lasting impressions are made manually or by automated MHM printing machines. Intricate embroidery is done by BARUDAN and SWF machines with sequin and cording attachments enhancing the garment beauty.

07 Sewing

Agile Precision

The stitching unit comprises of JUKI Lockstitch, PEGASUS Flatlock, and Overlock, all measuring up to the intricate complexity of stitching. The hard-working skilled team takes extra care and guarantees the best fit of each garment, satisfying all parameters and ensuring quick delivery.


08 Washing

The Gentle Wash

The washing unit comprises Ramson's machines and the zero effluent discharge plant ensures pre-wash for selected fabrics and post-wash for garments with different finishing. Some examples of washing are Silicone wash, Enzyme wash, Stone/Sand wash, Golf Ball wash, Acid wash, Peach finish, and Bio-wash.

09 Finishing


Manual checking, needle detection and stain removal is a regular part of the post-stitching inspection to ensure a contamination-free garment.


 To make the garments crease-free and to impart a smooth finish, they are steam ironed and machine pressed.


The garments are packed using a variety of safe techniques before dispatching to the clients.